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  • CSD believes that Human Diversity means to actively pursue and employ a diverse workforce. This creates opportunities for innovation.
  • All diverse bodies have something of value to offer to the world.
  • The world does not exist outside of the mind. If your perception changes, the world changes.
  • Universal Design is created by people. The more diverse the architects are, the more universal the design becomes.
  • Embrace and invest in diverse bodies, they will return with innovation instead of just “fixing” bodies.
  • Is our identity solely defined by our abilities or are we a sum of many parts? If our identity is a gestalt, then is “disability” a clear and constructive identity?
  • If the purpose of an identity is to communicate who are are, do we want to communicate what we cannot do? Or do we want communicate our worth, our contribution and our potential? #DeconstructDisability
  • The moment you understood that you are loved exactly as you are is a powerful affirmation of your being.